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Meet the Family

Jim Dye has been a huge supporter of this wonderful endeavor. He is often seen around the farm on a tractor, mower or skid steer, or hauling horses to various events. Having grown up caring for horses, (she was riding her first pony, Lady, at age 5) Cheryl Dye is a natural around the barn. She is a CHA certified instructor, and received her boarding knowledge through one-on-one experience with Jack Grimes, an experienced Morgan Horse trainer. The value of continuing to understand how best to care for and ride a horse is a top priority of hers. While Michael Dye has not taken to the horses, he is very active in machinery operations and is a major contributor in hay production. Amanda Dye is currently a student in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Ohio
State University. She is an accomplished hand around the barn or in the saddle, but
is not as likely to be seen these days. Katie Dye has earned numerous awards, including a 2005 Ohio State Fair Dressage Championship. She also participated on the Dressage Team at
Otterbein College. Her twin, Karin Dye, has done no less. In 2006, she was the Ohio State Fair Dressage Champion and also won a Morgan Gold Cup. In 2007, she and her horse
Thunder traveled to Chicago to compete in the First Level Dressage Regional
Championship, where they placed 10th. She is currently studying nursing at Capital University. Staying in the family, cousin Robby White is head of maintenance and oversees the farm's equipment. He also plays a major role in hay production.
Stoney Meadow Farm 
Wooster, OH
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