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  -10x12 foot stalls are equipped with rubber floor mats.
  -The pelletized straw used for bedding provides a drier 
    and less dusty environment than traditional shavings. 
  -A water and grain bucket are supplied. 
  -Salt blocks are included in full board and all stalls are 
   equipped with a salt block holder. 
  -Stalls are cleaned daily while horses are turned out in 
   one of our six pastures or, if conditions warrant, in the 
   indoor and outdoor arenas. 
  -Some stalls have individual paddocks (as weather permits).

See Our Facilities 
  -There is lighting in the stalls and aisle-ways. 
  -Both aisle-ways have two crossties.
  -A temperature-controlled tack room is provided for on-site storage.
  -A wash stall is available for use during April thru October.
   (hot and cold water and hose are supplied)
Outdoor Riding Arena: 
  -150x90 foot size is pleasant for daytime riding
  -Constructed to conform to jumping standards with
   an emphasis on drainage.
Lighted Indoor Arena:
  -128x72 foot 
  -Attached to the barn for easy access in poor weather. 
Trail Riding: 
  -Is encouraged around the hay fields, but the trails are not maintained. 
  -The farm sits in a setting where wild turkeys, fox, rabbits, ground hogs, 
   deer and opossum are common.
**All horses are required to show proof of a negative coggins and the following vaccinations**
West Nile, Potomac Horse Fever, Rabies, Tetanus, East/West Encephalomyelitis
Stoney Meadow Farm 
Wooster, OH
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